ADSL High Speed Internet Rates

Asymmetric – (ADSL)

Static IP Rate: Add an additional $9.95 per month to each rate plan.

**Router: $80.00, $20.00 Installation Fee.

Shipping Charge for equipment listed above is $8.50 if needed.

**$65.00 Trip Charge if not at location at time of Installation

Wireless Pricing Only

Speeds Up To Dynamic IP No Contract 1 Year Contract 2 Year Contract
Down Up Monthly Rate Monthly Rate Monthly Rate
3.0M 384k $ 59.95 $ 49.95 $ 49.95
5.0M 512k $ 69.95 $ 59.95 $ 59.95
7.0M 768k $ 79.95 $ 69.95 $ 69.95
10.0M 1.0M $ 89.95 $ 79.95 $ 79.95
Professional Installation Fee $ 200.00 $ 150.00 $ 100.00
Business Only Plan**

Speeds Up to Dynamic IP No Contract 1 Year Contract 2 Year Contract
Down Up Monthly Rate Monthly Rate Monthly Rate
10.0M 2.0M $ 114.95 $ 104.95 $ 104.95
10.0M 3.0M $ 139.95 $ 129.95 $ 129.95
10.0M 4.0M $ 164.95 $ 154.95 $ 154.95
10.0M 5.0M $ 189.95 $ 179.95 $ 179.95
Professional Installation Fee $ 200.00 $ 150.00 $ 100.00
Static IP Address: $ 9.95

**One Static IP address included. These Business plans are available between 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, Monday through Saturday.

Standard Installation includes one (1) outdoor or indoor antenna, (1) antenna mount, and up to 75 ft of ethernet cable.

Wireless Router installed & secured by MT Technician: $ 100.00

Service Order Charge: $10.00

My Internet Information

The office phone number is 660-423-5215 Primary
The website is Secondary
The support phone number is 800-479-2734 E-Mail Settings
My account login username is
My account login password is
My e-mail address is
My connection to the Internet is (check one) News Server Settings

New Service and Trouble Shooting

Speeds Up To 768k/256k – You will want this level if you are an Internet surfer, e-mail user and light downloader, and you have only 1 computer.

768k/384k – Same as above with more transmit bandwidth available for sending photos, videos, documents, using Vonage or Skype or similar products. Works better for synching smart phones via wireless routers.

1.5M/512k – All of the above with more bandwidth. You will want this level if you are a moderate gamer, watch videos on You Tube, use Skype video services or download a moderate amount of files or high definition pictures. Netflix on demand users might see occasional buffering. This Grade of Service is recommended for basic to moderate users. Mark Twain recommends using this package for users with more than one computer and synching smart phone(s).

3.0M/1.0M – You will want this level of service if you have multiple computers, do faster action gaming, watch Netflix on demand and download large amounts of files or pictures to your computer or synched smart phone. Mark Twain recommends this service for those who will be streaming large amounts of video or who will have multiple concurrent connections.

4.0M/1.0M – All the above and more speed. This Grade of Service will allow the fastest action gaming, multiple networked computers and phones and heavy users as well. Mark Twain recommends this service for those who will be streaming video or who have multiple concurrent connections.

Best Practices

  • Maintain Your PC Keep your computer up to date. This includes Windows and Anti-Virus Updates. Be aware of your computers age and hardware limitations. MT recommends PCs run Microsoft Windows 7 for the best security and performance.
  • Know the Limitations of Wireless When using a wireless router in your home it is important to check all of these steps.
  1. Make sure your router is secure and requires a password to connect.
  2. Always check the signal to the device to ensure proper communication. The location of the router vs the location of the equipment in the home affects the strength of the signal.
  3. Check for other wireless devices in your home that can cause interference. These devices generally operate at 2.4 GHz. (Examples: cordless phones, baby monitors, wireless security cameras, wireless satellite TV extenders, and microwave ovens).
  • Do not overload your connection You subscribe to a set amount of bandwidth and must make sure you have enough. Be aware of usage on your connection that can cause your connection to the Internet to slow down. Peer to Peer or file sharing programs, streaming video, data downloads, and multiple concurrent users will all consume bandwidth and affect your Internet speeds. If this happens you may need to subscribe a plan with faster speeds.
  • Run Speed Tests Run speed tests to ensure you are getting the proper speed you are subscribing to. Remember that when running speed tests, make sure your connection is idle. Turn off any other devices that use the Internet when running the test to get an accurate result. This test can show and help troubleshoot problems with your connection. Go to and click on our “Bandwidth SpeedTest” button to check your speed.

30M / 3M

  • Speeds Up to
  • ** 1 year Term

50M / 10M

  • Speeds Up to
  • ** 1 year Term

*Service availability depends on location.  Some restrictions apply.  Internet speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. At least one Mark Twain phone line is required for VDSL service.

Company Installation $65.00, Includes modem/router combination unit

Modem/router combination unit: Furnished by Mark Twain.  To be returned upon disconnection of service or charged $175.00.  

Trouble requests will be completed within 48 business hours, depending on the time of the initial call request. 

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