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Anonymous Call Rejection
Avoid calls from anyone who blocks their name and number from appearing on caller id. Blocked callers hear a message that instructs them to remove their blocking and try their call again.

Automatic Callback
You can save time dialing busy numbers over and over by dialing a code to have your phone continuously attempt to redial a busy number that you tried to call for up to 30 minutes. When the line is free, you will be alerted with a special ringing, and the call will automatically be made.

Automatic Recall
This option allows you to dial a code and have a call automatically returned to the last party who called or attempted to call you.

Call Forwarding
You can program your calls to ring at another number. Each time a call is fowarded, your phone will make one short ring. It can still be used to make outgoing calls.

Call Forward Busy
Whenever you are on the phone, you can be sure your callers can talk with someone else or can leave a message for you. Easily turn it on or off, or change the forwarding number-anytime.

Call Forward No Answer
If you are not able to get to the phone, you can be sure that your calls will not go unanswered. You can easily change the forwarding number-even choosing how many times your phone should ring.

Call Transfer
You can transfer a call to another number or add a third person to a call. When you are ready to hang up, the other two people can continue their conversation.

Call Waiting
You can use your telephone without missing other calls. A special tone alerts you to a waiting call; the person calling you hears normal ringing.

Call Waiting/Caller ID
This feature allows you to view the name and/or telephone number of a waiting call. The display on your telephone or caller ID unit will display this information between the first and second call waiting tone that alerts you to another call coming in. With this service, you will know who the second caller is to help you decide how to respond to the call waiting tone.

Caller ID Number
When you receive a call, the number of the person calling you is shown on your caller ID display screen.

Caller ID Name and Number
When you receive a call, the name and number of the person calling you is shown on your caller ID display screen.

Distinctive Ringing
With distinctive ringing, a second telephone number with its own ring tone is added to your existing line. This feature is perfect for families who get a lot of calls. When the phone rings you will know right away if it is for you, or another call for the kids! Businesses can set up distinctive ring numbers to send calls directly to a fax machine.

Distinctive Ringing/Call Waiting
You can create a list of up to 30 phone numbers that you want to have a special ringing pattern. Your phone will have a normal ringing pattern for all other calling numbers. If you also have call waiting, you will hear a distinctive call waiting tone whenever someone on your list calls you while you are on the phone.

Hot Line
This option provides an automatic connection between a customer that goes off hook and a pre-designated number.

Inside Wire Contract
Since 1984, by law you have been responsible for the maintenance and care of your telephone wires within your home or business. Mark Twain continues to stand by your side, offering very affordable wiring protection from wear and damage. From the “protector box” outside your home or business through the walls and right up to your telephone, we have you covered!

International and 900 Blocking Service
This restriction blocks the ability to dial international, “900” and “976” number services. There is not a monthly charge for this service.

Per-Call Blocking
By dialing *67 before you place a call, you can prevent your phone number from appearing on the caller ID display of the person receiving your call. There is not a monthly charge for this service.

PIC Freeze
Some long distance companies are engaging in the practice commonly known as “slamming” – switching consumers long distance service without their consent. This is an illegal practice and can be prevented. If you would like to prevent your long distance from being slammed, you can do so at no charge. You may call Mark Twain to learn more about this service.

PIN Number Dialing
Need to keep track of long distance calls-try PIN # dialing. PIN # dialing provides you with a 4-digit PIN # to access long distance service. All 1+ and operator-assisted calls will be blocked unless a PIN # is entered.

Remote Call Forwarding
All of your calls are automatically redirected to another number. This is useful if a customer has a number published in our directory, but their business or residence is located in another town.

Selective Call Acceptance
You can program your phone to accept only those calls from a special list of up to 30 phone numbers. When your service is “turned on”, your phone will accept only calls from those in your selective call acceptance list. All others will hear an announcement that you are not accepting calls at this time.

Selective Call Forwarding
You can program your phone to forward only those calls from a special list of up to 30 phone numbers to another number-such as your cell phone. When your service is turned “on”, calls from numbers in your forward list will be rerouted to your “forward-to” number. All others will ring at your phone as usual.

Selective Call Rejection
You can program your phone to reject calls from up to 30 phone numbers you place in the rejection list. When your service is turned “on”, any callers in this list will hear an announcement that you are not accepting calls at this time. All other calls will ring through as usual.

Simultaneous Ringing
Ring multiple phones simultaneously when calls are received. This option allows you to list numbers you would like to ring in addition to your Mark Twain telephone when you receive a call.

Speed Calling (8 or 30 number capacity is available)
Save time with speed calling! This option allows you to program telephone numbers and access codes into one or two digit speed calling numbers.

Three-Way Calling
Allows you to have a conference call with two other parties. With this service, you can initiate calls to both parties or add another party to an established call.

Warm Line
Help is not far away – even when you are not able dial the phone. Your telephone can automatically dial an emergency number for you.

Do not Call

National Do Not Call Registry


Missouri No Call Law


Cell Phone No Call List