For More Information on How to Apply for the Lifeline Program

Consumers meeting certain eligibility criteria are able to receive monthly discounts for telecommunications service through the Lifeline Program or the Disabled Program. Lifeline service offers a monthly federal discount of $9.25 (for Voice or Broadband Internet) and state discount of $6.50 (Voice or a service bundle of Voice and Broadband) for a total monthly discount of up to $15.75.The Disabled Program offers a $6.50 (Voice) monthly discount.

To apply, complete the form and also submit proof of eligibility.


  • The Lifeline Program requires a minimum service for fixed broadband:
    • Speed of 15/2 MBPS
    • Usage of 250 GB per month


Wireless Internet Consumers do not qualify for the Disabled Program discount; it applies only to voice services. Wireless Consumers that qualify for Lifeline services must meet the minimum service standards as provided by USAC if the service is available in their area; in order to qualify for Lifeline, you must be subscribed to the 20M/2M package or higher. If you are in area where you cannot get the higher speed packages, you may still qualify for Lifeline and should contact our office.

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