For More Information on How to Apply for the Lifeline Program

You can apply with the National Verifier through Mark Twain, by mail, or online using the consumer portal at .

Consumers meeting certain eligibility criteria are able to receive monthly discounts for telecommunications service through the Lifeline Program or the Disabled Program. Lifeline service offers a monthly federal discount of $9.25 (for Voice or Broadband Internet) and state discount of $6.50 (Voice or a service bundle of Voice and Broadband) for a total monthly discount of up to $15.75.The Disabled Program offers a $6.50 (Voice) monthly discount.

To apply, complete the form and also submit proof of eligibility.


  • The Lifeline Program requires a minimum service for fixed broadband:
    • Speed of 18/2 MBPS
    • Usage of 1000 GB per month


Wireless Internet Consumers do not qualify for the Disabled Program discount; it applies only to voice services. Wireless Consumers that qualify for Lifeline services must meet the minimum service standards as provided by USAC if the service is available in their area; in order to qualify for Lifeline, you must be subscribed to the 18M/2M package or higher. If you are in area where you cannot get the higher speed packages, you may still qualify for Lifeline and should contact our office.

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