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When you start Internet service with Mark Twain you will obtain least one new email account. Also, with each email account there is an password. If you do not have this information please call in to tech support. Furthermore, to manage your email accounts, passwords and quota space sign-in to your account and go to the email accounts page.

Internet Troubleshooting

You will have one of a few different possible types of Internet connections with Mark Twain  Also, you might have a DSL modem, a fiber connection or use dial-up. Most of all, provided with your Internet subscription is a speed rate which is usually quoted as megabits per second (e.g. 3.0 Mbps).

Wireless Network Setup

A wireless router allows you to connect multiple devices/computers to your Internet wirelessly. Because Mark Twain offers a wireless service which is fully supported and managed. Also, for more information on the features of this service visit the Managed WiFi features page or contact our Customer Care Department.